Charity at Montclair State University

December 10, 2018
Posted in Fall 2018
December 10, 2018 Shane Furst

There are over one hundred and twenty clubs and organizations at Montclair State University. Each club and organization are given a class that they are placed into based off of the club size and budget given by the school. Most are student operated with the help of a single faculty advisor. The student government association at Montclair State requires that clubs or organizations hold five events per semester. Some of the clubs take the time to use the schools resources to plan events for charity. With close to 20,000 students yearly at Montclair, there are a lot of hands that can donate their time.

The Montclair State Car Club is a class 3 organization that uses the budget given to them by the school to put on charity car shows each semester. During the fall semester of 2018, the club has raised over $2,000 that was given to charity. Each show is given a theme. Their first show of the semester was for the Boys and Girls Club of Clifton. They used a modern car versus classic car theme to bring in car enthusiasts of all ages. The show brought out over 300 cars to raise money for a good cause. Their next show was a Halloween car event called Octurbofest. Participants were encouraged to dress up their cars and come in costume to the show. Many show cars took part in the trick or trunk which allowed for the younger participants to trick or treat from each car. The show raised $1,024 for a local alcohol and substance abuse facility; Real House Inc. The Montclair State Car club was formed in the spring of 2018 and will be reaching their first year as a club when the fall semester of 2018 comes to an end.

Several fraternities and sororities on campus focused on raising money for charity this semester. Alpha Phi Delta raised $400 with their annual putting for a purpose. The fraternity set up a mini golf course in the student center quad at Montclair State University. They charged 1 dollar to play the course and matched 1$ for every hole that was made during the event.

Alpha Chi Roe was able to raise money for charity with their annual Queen of the Crows event. All of the proceeds went to the Tim Piazza foundation which supply’s prosthetics to children in need. Queen of the crows was a beauty pageant where 8 contestants were competing for the title of Queen of the Crows. They had categories of Halloween costumes, talent, trivia, and formalwear.

The Newman Catholic Center at Montclair State University gathered together a team of students to help clean up the pollution along Lake Hopatcong. Every year, trash builds up from the users of the lake and volunteers donate their time to make sure it stays clean. The weather was cold along the Lake but the students who came to help filled multiple bags filled with bottles, cans, and other plastics. All of the materials they picked up were then transported to be recycled or disposed of properly.

The Montclair State Parking Services shifted its focus from enforcing traffic to donating food to charity during the month of November. Cans for Citations was setup so that students or faculty that had outstanding tickets could donate cans on food in order to cover the cost of the citation. Parking services explained that they do not want to have to enforce the cost of the citations but unfortunately they have to. However, this program is able to put the proceeds to a better cause. They plan to continue Cans for Citations into early December.

With the large amount of clubs and organizations on campus, there are many charity stories that will be untold, however, most of them don’t put together their events for the media coverage. Many of the clubs do not have to donate any money each semester. The clubs and orgs spend their time because they want to make a difference.

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